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Freak Market Ameyoko Plaza Store “Pioneer of Japanese Pattern Specialty Store”


“Freak Market”, a Japanese pattern item that catches people’s eyes

A Japanese pattern specialty store that handles Japanese pattern Sukajan, jeans, T-shirts, etc. With about 20 brands and thousands of items, it boasts one of the most abundant product lineups in Japan. Items worn by entertainers such as Hitoshi Matsumoto are also available. One of the best-selling products, FIT’S bespoke products, such as the “Panda Series” made to commemorate the birth and arrival of pandas at Ueno Zoo, are all popular and sold out immediately. They also provide costumes to many dramas, movies and artists.

History of FIT’S
~ The beginning of Japanese pattern items ~

Founded in Ameyoko about 40 years ago. The second store started immediately after opening the main store. At the time of its founding, Both were an American casual shop, but one day when they went to an exhibition, a maker told them that it would make an item with a Japanese pattern, and the buyer at that time bought it as a trial. As a result, the response from the customers was enormous, so one store became a Japanese pattern specialty store. FIT’S is the pioneer of Japanese pattern specialty stores that sold Japanese pattern Sukajan for the first time in Japan and popularized it.

People who are fascinated by Japanese patterns

Many of the customers are pianists, biwa players, band-related, graphic-related, other artistic people, and foreigners who like Japanese culture. As the store manager, Mr. Konno, says, “Japanese patterns have something that attracts you,” There are people who don’t like Japanese patterns Sukajan. But when they try them on, and they buy them because they feel attractive. In addition, Mr. Konno said about the charm of Japanese pattern Sukajan, “The beauty of embroidery is outstanding. It is cool to put Japanese pattern in Sukajan. It is wonderful to express it with embroidery.” There is no doubt that the powerful design made with fine embroidery is one of the reasons to attract people.

Purchasing / design

They go to exhibitions three to four times a year. They mainly purchase products that they simply feel “cool” and those that meet the needs of their customers. In addition, as the recognition as a Japanese pattern specialty store is spreading throughout the industry, many makers have made a sale. Among them is Tsuburaya Productions, which is famous for the “Ultra Series”. At the suggestion of Tsuburaya Productions, many items such as Ultraman’s 50th anniversary Sukajan are on sale.

In addition, they sometimes make designs with makers by referring to pictures that are widely known in the world. If the paintings of the painters who they have interested in are in Ueno’s art exhibitions, they actually go to see them and expand the idea of design. In addition, they sometimes thinks about designs based on what they see on the spot.
“Ashura” was designed based on a picture which a maker found at a second-hand bookstore when it goes on a business trip.

Recommended brands


A pioneer of Japanese pattern brands that started making Japanese pattern items for the first time in Japan 20 years ago. They have developed many brands such as “HANATABIGAKUDAN” which arranges paintings from old painters and pictures that appear in textbooks and incorporates them into designs, and “SATORI”, which features a hard design. The biggest feature is the fineness of the embroidery, and the details are also good.


A famous brand that everyone who likes Japanese patterns knows. They have total items such as Sukajan, T-shirts, jeans, sandals, and accessories. Makers that handle total items are few, it is a very rare maker. The feature is gorgeous embroidery, but the price is low and it is relatively easy to buy. There are many core fans who only buy products from this maker.


A maker has items that are mochief of auspicious animals . There are brands such as “KONJAKU” that incorporates foxes and “KUROTOKA” that incorporates rabbits into its designs. It features a cute Japanese pattern design and is recommended for those who don’t like strong designs. This maker also handle total items.

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