Nov 23, 2021 GOURMET

【Fashion×Coffee×Culture】Coffee by Jalana


With the theme of fusion of Fashion x Coffee x Culture, a new type of communication place “Coffee by Jalana” will be launched on September 1, 2021, where stores in Ameyoko will create synergistic effects while drinking coffee.

「Coffee by Jalana」

“Coffee by Jalana” opened in a corner of Ameyoko. The concept of the store is an American diner from the 1950s. It’s a stand-type without a door. You can take a break while drinking coffee, or take a walk beside Ameyoko with a cup of coffee. In addition to using the coffee shop, you can also enjoy imported fashion at the attached “Jalana”. The interior and exterior, which are based on the concept of a garage on the west coast, are particular about imported products from the United States. You can enjoy the atmosphere as if you were on the west coast.

The reason why “Coffee by Jalana” has opened

Due to the explosive spread of the new coronavirus, the number of customers in Ameyoko has decreased, and the number of stores that closed the shutter has increased accordingly. As one of Japan’s leading tourist spots, the hustle and bustle of the city, where many people come and go every day, is disappearing. In order to keep the lively scene and culture where locals and tourists who enjoy fashion and gourmet with a smile, the store was opened with the desire to create a place that the shops located in Ameyoko can hold hands, create communication, and create synergistic effects with each other.


For coffee beans, they use Jalana’s original blend “AMEYOKO REGULAR COFFEE”, which is a well-balanced blend of three types of high-quality beans, “GUATEMALA antigua SHB PAKAYA,” “TANZANIA AA,” and “ETHIOPIA MOCHA sidamo.” By extracting them with Curtis’s latest equipment “Seraphim”, a refreshing scent and aftertaste are realized.
It comes in 3 sizes, S, M, and L, and the L size is the so-called American size.

By the way, coffee bean packs are also sold at Jalana’s official online shop, so even those who are far away can easily get them. There are 100g, 200g and 5 drip sets.

「Side menu that is indispensable for coffee」

The side menu is hot sandwiches and chicken over rice that go well with coffee. There are two types of hot sandwiches, cheese beef and tuna melt. A dish will satisfy your appetite. Also, many people may not be familiar with chicken over rice. New York soul food, which is sold at food stands in New York and has a widely loved by locals. In Japan, there are still few stores that handle this menu. Such a rare menu can be eaten in Ueno Ameyoko. I definitely recommend the combination of chicken over rice and coffee at lunch.

「Craft beer」

Alcohol will also be available from October. They handle a wide variety of craft beer brands from around the world, including Budweiser in the United States, Schofferhofer in Germany, and Newton in Belgium. They have an abundant lineup that you won’t get tired of no matter how many times you come. Draft beer is HEARTLAND. There are bottled beers. It might be a good idea to have a drink after work or stroll around Ameyoko.

From the desire to create a shop that fuses the culture of downtown, They are also developing a menu that incorporates the contents of long-established stores in downtown. Currently, they sell mixed nuts from “Matsubaya” in Ameyoko as a snack for alcohol, and hot sandwiches in collaboration with “Marutake” omelet, which has a store in Tsukiji.
It will continue to collaborate with various shops and restaurants as a cultural spot that represents Ameyoko. “Coffee by Jalana” assumes an important role in transmitting a new culture.




  • JR

    JR Ueno Station “Central Exit”:1 minute walk

    JR Okachimachi Station “North Exit”:1 minute walk

  • Tokyo Metro

    Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line / Ginza Line Ueno Station “Exit 5B”:2 minute walk

    Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Nakaokachimachi Station “A2 / A5 / A7 Exit”:2 minute walk

    Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Uenohirokoji Station “A2 / A5 / A7 Exit”:2 minute walk

  • Toei Oedo Line

    Toei Oedo Line Ueno Okachimachi Station “Exit A7”:2 minute walk