Jun 23, 2020 GOURMET

Yakitori Bunraku


Tavern under guard, the hottest spot in Ameyoko right now. Among them, “Yakitori Bunraku” is an open store!

Features of “Bunraku”

Bunraku is a long-established store founded in 1958 when Tokyo Tower was completed. Characterized by the familiarity and openness that makes you want to enter. Customers visit from day to day, and the tables on the street are like a food street in Southeast Asia. Tourists from both inside and outside the country will start to drink because of the atmosphere. In Bunraku where there are no walls or people’s fences, the interaction between customers is naturally born. The recipe of the standard menu has not changed since its establishment, and it has been loved by regular customers from old times.

“Stamina Sour, Salt Sour” 460 yen each

“Stamina sour” with honey and oligosaccharides. If you take them at the same time, you can improve your health and enjoy it! The simple salty taste of “salt sour” goes well with meals. Perfect for summer heat stroke measures! The salt from Camargue is famous for its beautiful white color even though it has not been refined due to its good water and soil properties.

Popular! “Beef motsu stew” 460 yen

This is served as soon as you place an order, so please come and wait for the pottery. The intestine of beef, which is stocked every morning, is slowly boiled, it will not collapse and will be loosened in the mouth.

Recommended by the owner”Tori Momoyaki ” 2 for 330 yen

Tottori Daisen chicken thigh meat is used. You can choose from 4 types of specially made sauce that you can order for 20 yen more: miso garlic, garlic dull, karashimiso, and karashidare. The most popular miso garlic is white miso base.

Bunraku specialty “Aburi Lebateki” 330 yen

Bunraku’s rebateki sauce is salted with sesame oil. Because it is cooked rare, the smoothness of the lever doesn’t change, and it is succulent.

“Attic Bunraku” was opened on the 2nd floor in January 2019. It’s a good idea to enjoy private conversation about work and love and drinking in a hidden area under the guard.

“He can feel the atmosphere similar to the Myanmar market and Chinatown from Ameyoko.”

I interviewed Aun Asami, the store manager who is also an icon of Bunraku.

“He came to Ueno from Myanmar when he was 22 years old, and after that, he spend more time in Ueno than at home. He feels that Ueno is more comfortable than youth towns such as Shibuya and Shinjuku. There are a lot of people from various countries in Ueno and it has many shops which is easy to go in, and the people are kind.”

He said that Ameyoko is his second home. “Ueno has the same atmosphere as Asia, such as the Myanmar market and Chinatown,”

In Bunraku, which has a borderless charm, you can drink while feeling the background of the post-war Yami city, or while feeling the noise of a foreign food street. Why don’t you get drunk with alcohol and atmosphere?

Aun Asami (Manager of Yakitori Bunraku)

He is from the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. About seven years ago, he became the manager of Bunraku. He likes cooking and has a lot of experience working in restaurants in Ueno.




  • JR

    JR Ueno Station “Central Exit”:1 minute walk

    JR Okachimachi Station “North Exit”:1 minute walk

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    Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Nakaokachimachi Station “A2 / A5 / A7 Exit”:2 minute walk

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