Jun 02, 2020 GOURMET

Kushiyaki Bar Yariki


This time, we will be featuring “Kushiyaki Bar Yariki Ueno Sohonten” (hereinafter “Yariki”) run by Mr. Araki, who has a powerful smile.

Mr. Araki was fascinated by the manager of the standing bar that he used to go to by himself at the end of his work, and he thought, “If he starts a shop with this person, he can have a good shop,” and opened it together. Araki-san’s belief that he would like to build an izakaya rooted in Ueno suggests that he would not open any stores other than Ueno.

Features of “Yariki”

The first feature of “Yariki” is customer service. The hiring standards are energetic and smiling. He emphasizes customer service so much that he emphasizes personality rather than whether he can work. In addition, many employees have a desire to become independent in the future and regard “Yariki” as a place for practice of independence.

In fact, many people seem to have become independent from the store. Mr. Araki said, “I feel happy that I was independent, so I want to convey this feeling to young people.” Since there are many employees who want to be independent, the atmosphere of the store naturally improves, and the employees work in harmony with each other. Energetic customer service, without a manual, allows you to relax and enjoy your drinks comfortably .

“Tudor” 450 yen for freshness, ease of drinking, and nostalgia

Kanamiya shochu is used for all shochu at the same store. The raw material is sugar cane, so the taste is mild. The tudor that combines cider and Kanamiya shochu is a perfect match. It is also good to try to find your favorite combination. Kanamiya shochu is 300 yen.

“Standard! Stewed beef” 450 yen

A stewed cherry miso base containing beef streak, pork motsu, and tofu. The condensed richness permeates the ingredients, and it increases appetit.

Immovable No. 1 “Broiled Tan Sashi” 490 yen

A special dressing with the flavor of olive oil, plenty of gray onions, chopped onions for accents, and an exquisite aroma that retains the texture and texture suitable for “broiling”. These elements enhance the flavor of fresh meat.

“Yariki” is a store of THE red lanterns. The red lantern-type izakaya is broadly defined as a store for the masses who has red lanterns hanging at the storefront and can enjoy sake on a reasonable budget. One of the images of red lanterns is “for adults”, but there are many young customers in “Yariki”. The cleanliness and the atmosphere of being accepted by young people can be seen from the customer service mentioned above. Araki says he wants to spread the red lantern culture to younger generations.

Born and raised in Ameyoko Ueno. What is Ameyoko for Araki-san?

“Ameyoko is a tourist spot. Ten years ago, there was nothing on the street of Yariki but the number of shops gradually increased, and the town became brighter,” he said.

On the other hand, he said, “I’m lonely because of the impact of the coronavirus, which reduces the number of tourists . I want to improve Ameyoko with the people who are rooted in the local area.”

Tomohiro Araki

Born and raised in Ameyoko Ueno. he closed the music bar he had run in Ueno after graduating from university and worked for a major internet advertising agency for about a year and two months. “Yariki” was opened again in Ueno in 2012. he likes to walk around, which leads to product development for Yariki. As an aside, he went to Lysap 3.4 years ago and became very thin.Now he has a muscular body. Currently 36 years old.

<A word from Mr. Araki>

It’s a lively izakaya, so if you’re going to a izakaya, go to Yariki !!




  • JR

    JR Ueno Station “Central Exit”:1 minute walk

    JR Okachimachi Station “North Exit”:1 minute walk

  • Tokyo Metro

    Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line / Ginza Line Ueno Station “Exit 5B”:2 minute walk

    Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Nakaokachimachi Station “A2 / A5 / A7 Exit”:2 minute walk

    Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Uenohirokoji Station “A2 / A5 / A7 Exit”:2 minute walk

  • Toei Oedo Line

    Toei Oedo Line Ueno Okachimachi Station “Exit A7”:2 minute walk