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【Japan’s first knife specialty store】MARUKIN-SHOTEN


Opened in 1949, Japan’s first knife specialty store “Marukin Shoten”

History of the shop

In 1949, not long after the war, the first owner opened a store at the current location in Ameyoko. In the 1960s it became a cutlery specialty store of Solingen, Germany, a city famous for cutlery. In 1970, the current president was inspired by American knives, and started to handle outdoor knives purchased locally. At that time, there weren’t a lot of the sales of knives in Japan. Under such circumstances, in 1975, they reopened as Japan’s first knife specialty store. In the past, many knives used leather sheaths, so they started to sell leather goods. Even now, they mainly handle outdoor hunting knives and leather goods at physical stores and online.

Wide product lineup

Marukin Shoten handles a wide range of products, from domestic and foreign knives to original leather goods and leather goods. The number of products is about 1,500 or more. They have everything from sophisticated and simple designs to distinctive designs. Also, since they have a store in Ameyoko, most of the products are sold at a lower price than the regular price.

Extensive knowledge gained over many years

The difference from other specialty stores is the amount of knowledge that has been cultivated through long-term store management. They are particularly knowledgeable about long-established products such as “VICTORINOX,” which has been in the store since before the Japanese agent handled them. This amount of knowledge is mainly used in customer service, and through conversations with customers, it is possible to accurately propose products that meet their needs.

Recommended products

「Leather field Sephia coin case」

An original product from Marukin Shoten. This is an oiled leather coin case that can be carried around on your belt. The best feature is the carefully selected form. Even if two pieces of leather of the same size are sewn together, they will not be the same shape. The shape of the leather on the outside and inside has also been finely adjusted, so that the more you use it, the more it will swell to fit your body. A form that can never be imitated by other companies. In addition, we carefully examine various kinds of leather, and use leather that is durable and has a luster as it is used for a long time.

「Bushcraft knife」

A bushcraft knife from the Spanish brand JOKER, which recently entered the Japanese market. The blade is thick and durable. Many conventional knives were designed for camping and hunting, but in recent years the mainstream is a compact shape that can even be used for chopping wood. It is an item that suppresses such trends.

「Custom knife」

Handmade one-of-a-kind. Antique or out-of-print items. Small production. Limited product. The second hands that the person who was collecting let go. Marukin Shoten handles many types of custom knives. It is often purchased for collection rather than practical use. Custom knives are made by hand one by one, taking time and care, so they look beautiful. In addition, it is attractive that various parts such as the original design of the artist and the material of the handle and blade are packed with attention.

Future prospects

In the future, they hopes to expand leather goods. There are handmade items that you can’t get anywhere else, such as Leatherfield Sephia. There are many stores that carry outdoor thick leather products, but they want to grow hard leather products that even office workers can use. Even now, there are a certain number of fans. They want to increase the number of such fans in the future.


At the age of 20, he joined Marukin Shoten as a part-time worker. After graduating from college, he got a job. He has been working for nearly 40 years. He always strives to provide the best products for customers.




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