Jul 20, 2020 HOTEL



“Omotenashinooyado” is a complex fasility that combine capsule hotels, internet cafes and hot springs. It attracts a wide range of age groups. The reporter who actually stayed here commentates on it!

Near the station and Ameyoko [Access]

3 minutes walk from Ueno Station and Okachimachi Station (JR). A little over 3 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Ueno Station (Ginza Line/Hibiya Line), Toei Ueno Okachimachi Station (Oedo Line), Keisei Ueno Station (1 line to Narita Airport). A 1-minute walk from “Omotenashinooyado” to the Ameyoko area! The location and good access to transportation is a perfect for business and sightseeing in Tokyo.

How to choose a course

You can select from 3 types: “lounge, private room, capsule”. The minimum usage time is 30 minutes for private rooms, 90 minutes for lounges, and 3 hours for capsules. You can use it according to your purpose, such as a private room for a gap time, a lounge for a nap, and a capsule for a tight stay. You can also use the lounge for private room use and capsule use.

All 3 types come with a 3-hour pack that includes “face towel, bath towel, indoor clothes, and amenities”.

Ueno No. 1 [Facilities and services]

There are approximately 30,000 comics, newspapers and magazines which you can read for free.

The interior has a sense of luxury and cleanliness that you cannot find in either a capsule hotel or an internet cafe, and you will never get tired of that space with the spiral staircase leading to the large public bath, the chic lounge on the second floor.

You will be satisfied with the B1F large communal bath with sauna. If you wash your mind and body in a clean and relaxing bath, you will forget that it is underground in Ueno.

You can eat curry rice and daily cooked rice at no additional charge whenever you want.

Also welcome to bring food and drinks. There is a affiliated 7-Eleven doorway on the 1st floor, and if you keep your room key in the lobby, you can shop in 0 minutes on foot.

Lunch boxes are 200 yen including tax! ?

It is on sale at the store irregularly around 11:00 am (use in the building is unnecessary). Not only can you choose from several types, but the volume is also ◎. But the quantity is limited, so it is inevitable to sell it out, so check it early.

For example, a resting place when you are tired from playing or sightseeing.

For example, a safe and secure place to stay when you miss the last train.

Why don’t you relax at the “Omotenashinooyado”?




  • JR

    JR Ueno Station “Central Exit”:1 minute walk

    JR Okachimachi Station “North Exit”:1 minute walk

  • Tokyo Metro

    Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line / Ginza Line Ueno Station “Exit 5B”:2 minute walk

    Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Nakaokachimachi Station “A2 / A5 / A7 Exit”:2 minute walk

    Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Uenohirokoji Station “A2 / A5 / A7 Exit”:2 minute walk

  • Toei Oedo Line

    Toei Oedo Line Ueno Okachimachi Station “Exit A7”:2 minute walk