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ALBUQUERQUE~Demonstration sale ~


Big event once a year “demonstration sale of leather carving”

Demonstration sales of leather carving held by “ALBUQUERQUE” on the first Saturday and Sunday of December every year for 15 years. Demonstration sales of leather carving are rare in Japan, and it is a very valuable opportunity to see the craftsmen digging in front of you.

It is a big event of “ALBUQUERQUE”, and many customers are looking forward to it. It is a proof that it is popular that there are many customers who come from far away in addition to the regulars of the shop. In addition, limited quantity special products are also sold at the time of demonstration sales. The price is a special price, which is about one-third of the usual price. This year, a pen case and a key case. They make different products every year and does not make the same products.

The reason for starting

Since its opening, there has been many questions such as “What is this?” , And Mr. Chiba, the representative, felt that there were many customers who were not familiar with hand digging. There are many people who know something about hand digging but do not know how to dig it. Therefore, He felt that it would be better to show the customers how the craftsmen are actually doing leather carving, so He started demonstration sales.

Another reason is that the skill of the craftsmen who come at the time of demonstration sales is very good.

The craftsmen of “ALBUQUERQUE” do everything from the cut by themselves. There are many people who do leather carving, but few are more delicate than the craftsmen of “ALBUQUERQUE”. That’s why he wanted to show it to many people and get them interested in leather carving.

Leather order that can be consulted directly with craftsmen

They also accept leather orders at the time of demonstration sales, and the biggest attraction is that you can have a meeting with a craftsman on the spot.

Many customers who do leather order want to make it as they like, paying attention to the fine details. You can ask the craftsmen to listen to everything in real time and get a quote on the spot.

In addition, “Leather items can be made with any item. I have never refused to order leather. I will search for and make the best craftsman according to the order.” Confidence and commitment to leather of “ALBUQUERQUE” It goes without saying that is the essence of making the finest things.

Furthermore, with “ALBUQUERQUE”, it can be completed in a minimum of 3 to 6 months after receiving an order. It can be made from the skill and experience of craftsmen. You will be captivated by such true craftsmanship.

The best leather in the carving world

For normal leather carving, leather for leather carving which is thicker than ordinary leather is used.

“ALBUQUERQUE” uses touring leather made for carving by Harman Oak from America, the birthplace of carving. For those who like carving, the leather of Herman Oak is recognized as one brand and is said to be the highest peak in the carving world. The difference from other companies’ leather is the ease of digging when carving, the beauty when digging up, and the difference in aging when used. Color changes and glossiness.

Interview with craftsmen

Otsuka Taka
(Taka Fine Leather JAPAN)

From 1994 to 1997, he went to practice making horse saddles in the United States for three years. After returning to Japan, he established the American leather craft workshop “Taka Fine Leather JAPAN”. He has received high praise from around the world as “a leading expert in authentic American leather carving in Japan.” This year, he supervised the carving textbook “Leather Carving Techniques Taka Fine Leather Edition”.

The reason he decided to start

“In the early 90’s when I was attending a fashion vocational school, I became interested in Western fashion from there in the American casual boom and got a job at a jeans maker once. While working there, I was attracted to the world of cowboys and got interested in a horse saddle. Then I entered the world of leather. “

Job satisfaction

“It’s fun to make. It’s rewarding to make customers happy with what I make. It’s not something that disappears after eating like food, but something that remains.”




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