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【ZIPPO / Smoking / Writing Instruments Specialty Store】Mito Shoji


“Mito Shoji”, a long-established store specializing in ZIPPO, smoking and writing instruments, with absolute confidence in the product lineup and price

Founded in 1964. A long-established store with a history of nearly 60 years. Specializes in ZIPPO, smoking equipment, and writing equipment. They have 60 years of knowledge and experience, and their expertise is very high. In addition to these, they also sell watches, miscellaneous goods, and consumables (oil, flint, gas, replacement cores, ink, etc.).

Extensive product lineup, products with various designs

More than 2000 types of ZIPPO alone. There are 4000 to 5000 kinds of products when all products are combined. The product lineup is focused on because they want various customers to buy their products. Some products are out of print and sold out, but the number of products is constantly increasing. At other stores, it is very difficult to have such products. The reason why they can realize an abundant product lineup is that there is a strong purchasing route established while selling ZIPPO, smoking equipment, and writing equipment for about 60 years since the company was founded. Its strength is because it is a long-established store “Mito Shoji” that has been loved by customers for more than half a century.

In addition, many ZIPPO and writing instruments have high design. There is a wide range of designs, from cute items such as characters to masculine items, from American to Japanese designs. They are also focusing on limited edition products, and they handle limited edition products around 2000. ZIPPO is America! Exactly such products are also available at “Mito Shoji”. Among these products, there are rare products that are difficult to purchase at stores in Japan and are not widely distributed in Japan.
Also, check out overseas brands, domestic brands, and fountain pens with high design.

The sense of the purchased product is outstanding, and you can definitely enjoy it just by looking over the product. By all means, it will be interesting to become a fan of “Mito Shoji” and collect products with various designs.

Cheap price

One of the selling points of Mito Shoji is “Cheap”.
Since it has a store in Ameyoko, the price is set low.
It is sold at a 30-40% discount from the regular price.
It’s just “cheap”.
Both over-the-counter sales and mail-order sales are available, and both can be purchased at “super-discount prices.” Since there are a wide variety of products and product categories, it might be a good idea to purchase multiple items.

Featured Products


It is pure silver and is hand-woven by all American artisans. It is a very rare item because it is produced in small quantities and is rarely handled in Japan. Mito Shoji imports directly from overseas and sells it, so you can purchase it at a “super-discount price”.

ZIPPO limited to the 75th anniversary of the American War

It is not ZIPPO processed in Japan, ZIPPO in the United States, ZIPPO’s home, designs and wholesales directly.
Exactly “real ZIPPO”

Pelikan (Germany)

Suction type that sucks up from the bottle.
In Germany, it is a famous brand along with “Montblanc”.
“Authentic fountain pen”

What is “Ameyoko” seen from Mr. Tokuhara interviewed this time?

Mr. Tokuhara has been helping the store since he was a high school student.
“Ameyoko feels like my own town.”
In the old days, there were many shops in the same industry. After the war, there was a time when imported accessories could only be bought in Ameyoko. After such an era, He feels that Ameyoko has changed significantly from the past.

Mr. Tokuhara

After working as an office worker, he took over after his father in 2000 and became the representative director of “Mito Shoji”. He is the second generation.

One word message

Please feel free to contact us about ZIPPO, smoking utensils, and writing utensils!




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