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[Interview with the manager Vo.2] Mr. Tokuhara [Mito-Shoji]


“Interview with the store manager in AMEYOKO” is planning to ask the store manager who is watching Ameyoko carefully about Ameyoko.
The second is Mr. Tokuhara, the manager of the long-established Ameyoko store “Mito Shoji”, which was founded in 1964 and specializes in ZIPPO, smoking equipment, and writing equipment!

Mr. Tokuhara

He had been helping his father since he was in high school. He has been employed by Mito Shoji since 2000. After that, he succeeded his father and became the representative director.
His hobby is mountain stream fishing.

“You can get good stuff at a low price in Ameyoko. Ameyoko is a shopping street that doesn’t show off. Anyone can feel free to come.”

Ameyoko has changed over several decades

Compared to the past, shops in Ameyoko has changed a lot in terms of type of business. Previously, there were many fish stores and shops dealing in imported goods, cosmetics, and leather goods. There used to be many stores of imported miscellaneous goods in the same industry, but now they have decreased significantly. In recent years, the number of overseas customers has increased, and I feel that the number of global restaurants is increasing. In terms of appearance, there has been street food stalls from before, but there was no custom of eating and drinking what you bought at the food stalls on the spot as it is today. In the old days, shops were lined up in the current eating area, and it was a place where you could shop.

A store that closes the shutter

Even before Corona, the situation was never good. Among them, Corona prospered and the number of customers clearly decreased. I feel that it is about half of what it was before. The number of stores that close shutters is increasing due to the influence of corona. Sometimes the store that was open as usual until a while ago was closed. Also, due to the explosive growth of the Internet in the last few years, what could only be bought at Ameyoko is no longer the case. I feel that this is also one of the reasons why the number of customers in Ameyoko is decreasing.

Ameyoko where you can get various things at a low price

There are many shops in Ameyoko, so you can get various things. Also, there are many stores that sell products at a low price, so you can shop at a good price. I feel that is the charm of Ameyoko. The difference from other shopping streets is that there are few daily necessities. We don’t sell much essentials like detergents. There are many luxury goods rather than necessities. So, I feel that it is a place where you can really enjoy shopping.

The future of Ameyoko

I hope Ameyoko will continue and develop further. However, the difficult situation continues under the corona. I hope that the existing store in Ameyoko will survive without closing. To that end, I strongly feel the need to take some measures. At this rate, The number of stores that will be closed will increase. I’m always thinking about what to do. Until the answer is found, the stores must hold hands with each other and do our best.

The shop recommended by Mr. Tokuhara


I’ve been going there for a long time, and I eat there every week.
The most attractive thing is that all the menus are delicious.
The recommended menu is special yakisoba.

A word from Mr. Tokuhara

“I’ve taken over this store from my father and run it without changing the type of industry. It’s a difficult situation under Corona, but I’ll continue to open it. Please continue your favors towards us.”

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