May 21, 2022 EVENT

【FELYS×Coffee by Jalana】vintage DENIM Market


The Second collaboration project “FELYS vintage DENIM Market” is being held at the coffee by Jalana that opened in Ameyoko in September last year. This is a special POP UP event which has over 100 US denim jackts and pants from the 70s and 90s.

“FELYS” is a vintage shop that is only available at pop-up shops for a limited time.

Vintage shop “FELYS” opens for a limited time in various places around “Kanto”. It mainly handles items from the 1970s and 1980s, they carefully select items according to location and time. The holding time is irregular and the places are different. You may have an unexpected encounter with a one-of-a-kind item.

Introducing some recommended items which have a high scarcity value!

“Lee 70s denim jacket”

US denim, whose scarcity value has been increasing in recent years. The number of American-made denim is decreasing year by year. As the age gets older, the number gets smaller, so it is becoming more popular. Lee denim jacket is recommended because you can enjoy a wide range of styling from classic to casual!

“That model that was worn in movies and gained popularity! Wrangler 24 MJZ”

Wrangler denim jacket, worn by Brad Pitt in the movie “ONCE UPON A TIME” and gained popularity. Zip-type denim jackets are rare, and many people are looking for them.

Interview with FELYS Director

Director Noguchi

He has been very interested in fashion since he was a student. He especially likes vintage replica jeans, and He often buys used clothes. After gaining sales experience at select shops, he launched FELYS. While he is currently working as a cafe staff, he holds pop-up shops irregularly.

“FELYS” concept

“FELYS” is currently open without a store. Second-hand clothes have the joy of meeting at a store and buying them on impulse. The director wants to cherish such encounters, so he takes this form.

-Can you tell us about the work of running a vintage shop?

“Since I am mainly operating alone, I am in charge of all things including the flyer creation, buying and direction. I also handle items which have original prints, so I design them by myself, and of course I also sell products on my own.”

Flyer for this event

-What do you find most enjoyable and rewarding?

“I carry out everything from purchasing and pricing to location selection and sales, so it is most rewarding to be able to see the entire process until the product arrives at the customer. I sell what I bought, so it’s easy to tell customers what’s good. It’s all done by myself. That’s why it’s fun.”

-Please tell us about your future outlook.

“Someday, I want to have a physical store. I’m also interested in the layout of the shop and creating a space so I want to create my own space in the future.”

【FELYS×Coffee by Jalana】vintage DENIM Market

Holding period: May 21st to May 25th, 2022 11: 00-20: 00

Venue: Coffee by Jalana

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  • JR

    JR Ueno Station “Central Exit”:1 minute walk

    JR Okachimachi Station “North Exit”:1 minute walk

  • Tokyo Metro

    Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line / Ginza Line Ueno Station “Exit 5B”:2 minute walk

    Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Nakaokachimachi Station “A2 / A5 / A7 Exit”:2 minute walk

    Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Uenohirokoji Station “A2 / A5 / A7 Exit”:2 minute walk

  • Toei Oedo Line

    Toei Oedo Line Ueno Okachimachi Station “Exit A7”:2 minute walk