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WORKS “One of the best product lineup in Japan”


WORKS” boasts the best product lineup in Japan

“WORKS” mainly deals with men’s bags and wallets.

The best feature is the abundant product lineup. They have a wide range of products from town use to business. They handle 7 brands, some of which have full items, and the number of products is well over 1000. In addition, most of the products are not available at Ameyoko, and can only be purchased at “WORKS”. Also, unlike other stores, there are not many canvas-based products produced overseas. They are particular about the brands of Japanese leather manufacturers, and most of the bags and wallets are made of Japanese leather.

Buying up

Many people may be wondering how the “WORKS” products, which have the best selection in Japan, are purchased.

They go to the exhibition three times a year. Therefore, they identify products with a sense that has been refined over the 40 years since their founding. It is actually purchased with an emphasis on ease of use, durability, and design. Also, Mr.Hoshino brings his son to the exhibition. The reason is that the feelings and tastes of the previous generation and the younger generation of today are different. Therefore, in order to realize a product lineup that is loved by people of all ages, they purchase while incorporating the opinions of his son.

Also, many manufacturers have long-term relationships.
Among the manufacturers that they have been acquainted with since the establishment of “WORKS”, there are also manufacturers that have grown significantly and those that have reached the top of the bag industry. It is no exaggeration to say that this shop has made history with the makers of bags.

Recommended product introduction


A company in Kobe that produces products made in Japan, it was founded 30 to 40 years ago by a person who worked for a bag maker.
Many BAGGY PORT products are lined up in stores.

Series “Recycle Leather” using recycled leather developed in Germany. It feels good to the touch and features a unique surface texture.

BAGGY PORT is the only manufacturer in Japan that carries out Bincho charcoal dyeing. Bincho charcoal dyeing is a dyeing method in which Bincho charcoal is added to the dye to dye the canvas. As a result, a unique unevenness and a good texture are produced, and the color has a Japanese atmosphere.

In addition, a waxy canvas that has greatly grown BAGGY PORT. It is the fabric of the hood of an old truck, and the surface is covered with paraffin. As a result, high waterproofness is achieved.

The indigo-dyed wallet is also very tasteful. The color changes depending on the number of dyeings. The lightest color is dyed 8 times, the neutral color 20 times, and the darkest color 32 times. Also, it seems that all the colors will change even if the number of dyeings is the same depending on the season and temperature.

WORKS handles many BAGGY PORT products, such as the “GLOBE series,” which uses the same leather as baseball gloves and combines them with canvas and “Oil Bucketta Series” which uses oil leather.

“Suda canvas”

A manufacturer founded by Mr. Suda in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture. It is made one by one by craftsmen without mass production. In addition, it is a canvas product that is unique making. “WORKS” sells Suda canvas products as full items. It is very popular with users because it is easy to use and durable. Also, after using it for several years, the texture of the canvas will come out. There are many very popular items such as tote bags and shoulder bags.


All products are made in Japan. The wallet made of cordovan (leather with high scarcity value of a part of the horse’s butt) called “leather diamond” is glossy due to aging and has a unique atmosphere.
・ Ray leather with a beautiful surface and soft touch
・ Elephant leather with good durability and aging that you can enjoy
・ Shark leather with a rough texture <




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