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[Interview with the manager VOL.3] Suzuki [GARAKUTA TRADING]


“Manager interview in AMEYOKO”, where you can ask the store manager, who usually watches Ameyoko carefully, about Ameyoko.

The third is about 20 years of Ameyoko history. Mr. Takao Suzuki, manager of Garakuta Trading, which handles a wide range of goods, from clothes to toys!

Takao Suzuki (GARAKUTA trade store manager)


“Various things mix in a well-balanced town. A place that makes you want to go. 』

A town called Ameyoko

Ameyoko has a long history and is now known as one of the famous spots in Kanto and Tokyo. Today, it has a strong image as a tourist destination, with senbero izakayas and clothing shops that make people want to stop by on holidays and trips. Besides, when I started working in Ameyoko, there were more independent stores such as clothing stores and accessory stores than there are now, and there were many stores that sold trendy items, but I didn’t know much about them. Since he himself lived in the suburbs, he said, “When it comes to shopping, I go to Ameyoko! was very natural. Something different in trendy areas like Shibuya Harajuku. It’s fun to mess around. In other words, it was full of “tasteful” shops, a place with a unique atmosphere.

A city change

From the 1990s to 2000, society as a whole changed, and Ameyoko was also affected by it. Around that time, I began to feel the flow of change from the purpose of coming to buy things to a place to enjoy sightseeing. In fact, the atmosphere of the town as a whole has gradually expanded, and it is rich in variety, such as restaurants where you can eat while walking, popular pubs, imported food stores, clothing stores, pure coffee shops, and souvenir shops and duty-free shops as the number of overseas tourists increases. I think it has become the current “Ameyoko”.

To the future Ameyoko where past and present intersect

There have been many changes, and I feel a little lonely compared to when I came here. Of course, it is natural to change, and I think it is necessary to adapt to that change. I think it would be interesting if there were more shops of various types, not just restaurants, and the city would become more lively. I want it to be a place full of unique shops and spots regardless of weekdays and holidays. As one of them, I think it would be fun to set up an arcade and create a shopping street that does not get wet even on rainy days. Nowadays, depending on whether you are on the side of Ueno Station or the side of Okachimachi Station, the atmosphere of the shops and shops may differ depending on the street. If so, I thought that the arcade would make the whole city feel like a unity, and that kind of thing would also be good as a tourist spot. I would like to work hard to create a town and shops that will remain in the hearts of people who have been visiting Ameyoko for a long time and those who do not.

Spots recommended by Mr. Suzuki

“Ueno Park”

The perfect place to relax away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city. By putting yourself in silence, you can refresh your body and mind. There are art galleries and museums in the immediate vicinity, so we recommend that as well.

A word from Mr. Suzuki

“We have rare items and products that you can’t find anywhere else, so please stop by while taking a walk. 』

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