Nov 30, 2022 EVENT

[EVENT] Ameyoko Photo Contest 2022 Winner Announcement!


#Ameyoko Photo Contest 2022 Winner Announcement

Thank you very much for applying for the #Ameyoko Photo Contest 2022. The first attempt as a shopping street to convey the charm of Ameyoko to more people. We were worried about the number of applications as it was the first year, but the number of participants greatly exceeded our expectations. (Total of 744 applications) From among such a large number of submitted works, we will announce the prestigious Grand Prize and 3 Excellence Awards. The works of these awardees will be exhibited at Coffee by Jalana (Ueno 6-10-1) in Ueno during the period from December 15th to December 31st.
We would appreciate it if you could come to Ameyoko to taste the wonderful works and the bustle of the end of the year.

#Ameyoko Photo Contest 2022 Overall Review (Professional Photographer Sakuma)

“Thank you for submitting so many wonderful works. I think the point of the contest is “Can you capture the essence of Ameyoko in your photos?” In other words, “what to cut in Ameyoko”. Based on that point, we have selected 1 Grand Prize and 3 Excellence Awards. ”

(Professional Photographer)

Born in Fukushima prefecture. After graduating from a vocational school, he worked as a studio man at Image Studio 109 for 4 years before moving to France. After returning to Japan, he worked as a freelance photographer.


Introduction of award-winning works

Grand Prize

「end of the year bustle」

“The liveliness of Ameyoko itself is excellently expressed. By capturing the shops and people from this angle, you can read various stories, and the good old days of business and bustling towns are well expressed. The color tones that reflect the atmosphere of the city itself are also exquisite. I think this is a work worthy of the Grand Prize, as it captures the essence of the city of Ameyoko. ”

Excellence Award


“Ameyoko is full of smiles, with people enjoying walks, drinking, and shopping. I think it’s a wonderful piece that balances the natural and unadorned smiles of children with the vibrancy of the city.”


“This work captures the essence of Ameyoko, where many shops are lined up under the overpass. By shooting from this angle, the essence is beautifully expressed. The fact that you can’t see the full picture of the store makes you want to go there, which is also a good point. The mood of Ameyoko in the rain is also brought out. ”

「town drinking」

“A work that captures the liveliness of Ameyoko at noon. I can feel the liveliness. I think it’s an excellent work that captures the characteristics of the town where you can drink from noon. The red yakitori sign on the top is also an accent, and I felt that it was a wonderful composition. ”


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