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[Interview with the manager Vo.1] Mr. Konno [FREAK MARKET]


“Interview with the store manager in AMEYOKO” is planning to ask the store manager who is watching Ameyoko carefully about Ameyoko.
The first is Mr. Konno, the manager of the Japanese pattern specialty store “Freak Market”, which has two stores in Ameyoko!

Mr. Konno

He has been shopping in Ueno since he was in high school. After graduating from college, he joined FIT’S as a part-time job. After that, he became the store manager.
His hobby is visiting public baths.

“I feel that Ueno and Ameyoko are different. There is something in Ameyoko that attracts people.”

Coronavirus affected Ameyoko

Due to the influence of the coronavirus, overseas customers could not travel to Japan, and the number of customers has decreased visibly.
I’m worried that Ameyoko will be forgotten. Compared to the midst of Corona, the number of overseas customers is gradually increasing, and Ameyoko is regaining its former bustle, but I feel that many older customers are wary of Corona and have not returned yet.

There is nothing that isn’t in Ameyoko.

“There is nothing that isn’t in Ameyoko.” The appeal of Ameyoko is that there are many types of products and quantities. Recently, the number of people shopping on the Internet is increasing, but if you actually go here, you can pick out anything you want and try it on. Even from the store side, through communication during customer service, we can understand the needs of customers and utilize them in our product lineup.
In addition, there are few chain stores in Ameyoko. There are many private stores rooted in Ameyoko. Many stores have been operating for decades, so I feel that customers have a lot of trust.

Changing culture and protect identity of Ameyoko

Today, Ameyoko is becoming an ”izakaya” culture. In the old days, There was an image of Ameyoko as shopping. I feel that the reason why customers come here is changing. I want customers who come for drinking to think, “Let’s go shopping in Ameyoko.”
In the old days, Ueno was suspicious and chaotic in a good way. It’s a little cleaner than it used to be, but if it’s too clean, it’s not good. In the past, there was a time when it was said that if a store was renewed, it wouldn’t sell. I feel that identity of Ameyoko, which has been around for a long time, must be inherited.

The future of Ameyoko and the importance of each store

I want a lot of customers to come to Ameyoko. Many people find it interesting when they actually come. In addition, the influence of the “Ameyoko” brand is great, and there are many opportunities to be featured in various media such as TV and YOUTUBE, so it is more well known than other shopping streets. Until now, I had the impression that a signboard / brand called “Ameyoko” made customers come here, but in the future, each store in Ameyoko will have to make efforts without its brand power. By continuing to create stores that will make people want to go to “Ameyoko”, customers will inevitably gather at “Ameyoko”.

The shop recommended by Mr. Konno


The food is delicious and cheap. Master is interesting. In the old days, I sometimes asked him to cook original dishes within the budget. I used to go there almost every day. The recommended menu is fried food.


The atmosphere is good as if you were eating at a food stall. I was so addicted that I used to go 3-4 times a week. Even after many years, it has the same deliciousness as before. Tanmen is recommended.

A word from Mr. Konno

“Our store is up and running, so please come to FIT’S.”

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